Joshua HAWKINs '18, President

Joshua Hawkins was born in Detroit, MI and lived in Memphis, TN before matriculating to Harvard. He is a rising Junior concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Sociology. As President, Josh aims to create a more diverse range of activities that the Black Men’s Forum conducts while generating a newfound sense of excitement within BMF and extending its reach in Harvard’s community and beyond.


Michael Reid was born and raised on the SouthSide of Chicago, IL. He is a rising Junior concentrating in Economics living in Adams House. As Vice-President, Michael aims to increase the level of funding brought to the organization, streghthen relationships with BMF partners, and assist in building new traditions for BMF

Milton dorceus '19, development chair

Milton Kumar Dorceus, of Haitian descent, was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Middletown, NY. He is currently concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Economics, and lives in Kirkland House. As Development Chair, Milton plans to increase sponsorships and internship opportunities for the organization, while informing the membership of occupational possibilities through career panels.

Jack Kelley '19, treasurer

Jack Korbin Kelley lives in Chino Hills, California and is a rising Sophomore living in Adams House. He intends to concentrate in Computer Science and is interested in pursuing a Secondary in East Asian Studies. As Treasurer, Jack aims to keep an accurate record of the Forum’s finances, as well as secure funding for various events and programs throughout the year.

Matthew Sarpong '19, brotherhood chair

Matthew Sarpong was born in New Orleans, LA but raised in Jackson, MS. He is a rising sophomore, living in Kirkland House and intending to concentrate in Economics with a secondary concentration in Sociology. As Brotherhood Chair, Sarpong desires to cultivate an environment that embodies the standards of the Black Men’s Forum: brotherhood, manhood, and fidelity. He plans on accomplishing this goal by moderating meetings that are intellectually and culturally thought-provoking and holding events for members that build a sense of community.

Matthew moore '19, political action chair

Matthew Moore was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in the inland suburb of Chino Hills. He is currently a rising-sophomore residing in Mather House and intends to concentrate in Government. As Political Action Chair, Matthew plans to engage members of the Forum with the political process and to create new outlets for members to pursue opportunities in government and politics.

Ibukun Omotowa '18, secretary

Ibukun Omotowa was born in Ilorin, Nigeria and raised in Idaho Falls, ID. Currently, he concentrated in history and science, focusing on molecular biology and global health. Ibukun plans to increase membership participation and BMF’s off campus reach and presence through timely publications and increasing collaborations in the greater Boston area.

myles turner '19, social chair

Myles Turner was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He is currently a sophomore living in Kirkland House planning to concentrate in Sociology with a secondary in Economics. As Social Chair, Myles intends to not only better organize and execute current social events in order to improve upon their inclusivity and participation, but also conceive new events aimed to further the goals of the Forum.

Justin Porter '17, executive program director

Justin Porter was born and raised in Jackson, MS. Currently, he is concentrating in Environmental Science & Public Policy, and he lives in Cabot House. As Executive Program Director, Justin plans to catapult BMF to the next level by consistently engaging with high caliber individuals to discuss crucial topics like health disparities, educational opportunities, and poverty alleviation in black communities across America.

Awa Nyambi '19, alumni relations chair

Awa Nyambi was born in Manhattan, NY and he is a rising Sophomore living in Kirkland intending to concentrate in Economics. As Alumni Chair, Awa intends to improve and maintain relationships with BMF’s many esteemed alumni and initiate further growth of BMF’s alumni network.



Abdurezak (Abdi) Shemsu was born in Ethiopia and raised in Cambridge . He is a rising Junior living in Pfoho and concentrating in Economics. As Public Service Chair, Abdi intends to make service a more integral part of BMF. He plans to organize more BMF sponsored service projects and raise  BMF participation in and awareness of service programs on campus and in the Greater Boston area.